On 16th of April we had the first meeting of Run For Equality project.

Delegations from Mithatpaşa Sport Clup NGO (Turkey), Adel (Slovakia), AJ Tempus (Spain), Platypus (Croatia) came in Rome guested by Gaycs LGBT ( main partner of the project)  to define the line they need to follow in the next months.

The meeting has been taking place in a special location: the YWCA Italia, an association’s building where women in trouble can come and find people ready to help them.


It was an amazing meeting, since the first moment each participant showed engagement with the project and the desire to be an active part of it.

Main topic of the meeting was the importance of the Youth Workers’ role in the field of the kids education. Their role is not just limited on to teach some sport disciplines, they have potential role in the field of Human Rights education. They can spread positive values. They are important figures in the process of kids’ growing  because they are an external point of reference, they are adults, they are people who can show another point of view. They are family outsider, school outsider… for kids, the Youth Workers are a first contact with the external world. Can you imagine the importance of those people?

Another important topic that “Run for equality” project wants to underline, is the fundamental role of the people in the ngos. The ngos are the people who, combined together, build everyday the organizations.

This is the reason why this erasmus plus sport small collaborative project will have the main core based on the people. People can change and through the changement of people, also the ngos can change. This is what we want to do: support youth workers in the process to raise awareness of their role.

After each participant presentation, the general coordinator of the project, Francesco Zoffoli explained the objectives and the expected results they suppose to reach: “Youth workers have the potential to prevent discrimination and favor the inclusion of LGBTI people both in sports and in society. Before knowing what kinds of oppression and discrimination the LGBTI community faces in sports, we believe it is fundamental to give an overview on how oppression and discrimination have historically developed against and even within the LGBTI community. Therefore, after a thorough look at all the definitions and situations belonging to the LGBTI world, the project will continue focusing on how this particular community relates to sports.

We know that, based on the results of a research carried out by the European Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) published in 2014, more than 50% of European LGBTI people try to avoid specific places for fear of not being able to declare their identity. In 42% of these cases, the mentioned places are sports clubs and sports associations. So, we must to start from here!”



● To encourage Youth Workers to understand the importance of sport educational tools in the field of Human Rights Education concerning diversity and social inclusion.



● to raise awareness about the dynamics of oppression and discrimination of the LGBTI community in sports.

● to develop educational methods and improve existing good practices in order to build a common mindset representing equality in and through sports.

● to promote a positive approach to body consciousness in and through sport.




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